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Sportster S weak rear brake

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I have a 2022 Sportster S. The rear brake requires way too much pressure to get any friction to stop. I use the rear brake for stabilisation on turns and street driving, and some back roads runs. One time there was no stopping power at all. rRear brake requires so much pressure it prevents me from driving normally.
Been to the shop 2 times and they say its working normally. Replaced brake pads but I think they put in the same organic pads.

I drove a brand new 2023 Sportster S and it had the same weak brakes. I am surprised others have not complained about this.

None of my previous HDs had this problem.
Searched all over web and could not find pads with more bite.
I any suggestions.
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This forum is really targeted at the XG series of bikes, so the new Sportster S is kind of out of our wheelhouse. You might not get many responses here.
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