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I'm 1,83m tall/slender and surprisingly the StreetRod fits me well. If you have a big 'boep' tummy or bad hip flexors then forget about enjoying this bike. From a sports touring bike to this StreetRod is a total flip-side in terms of riding position.
I've become really accustomed to the low riding position and it sticks pretty well into the corners.
Found the grips a bit skinny so fitted a pair of Grip Puppies. Had 40km/h SE winds on the Cape Town N1 highway today and did not feel uncomfortable once. There is just absolutely no fighting the wind. It sits steady if you sink into the bike. Handling and lane splitting is absolutely fine if you remain focused and patient whilst manoeuvring 1m wide drag-style bars with bar-end mirrors through Monday morning peak hour traffic.
Can't wait to see if ScreaminEagle will be launching any retro mufflers come Jan when the new catalogue gets released in SA... chances are I'll be looking at the V&H options based on the limited options for the StreetRod currently available.
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