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Anybody live in or near Asheboro, NC, USA ?

The Cox's H-D dealership in Asheboro is giving demo rides on the Street 500. They are also accepting deposits for purchasing one.

They are also using the 500 in their Rider's Training program.

Can anyone near Asheboro give us some feedback ?


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Ran into some comments from a guy who has actually ridden the USA Street 500. Remember that in addition to be de-tuned, the first and second gear are rev-limited on these bikes for the Rider's training program. Don't know where he's from, but his name is Nick Ortiz and here is what he said: Personally riding the 500, its a very good bike, the low end seems jumpy at
times, but that might be part of the break in blues and you can easily
overcome it with its wet clutch. The bike is very stable at higher speeds
but does suffer from some loose fittings which are easily remedied either
at the tech shop or with a screwdriver. The engine runs absolutely cool,
which is good in hot days, but once the weather comes down, it sucks to not
have that engine to hug (I literally had my face directly to the fins of
the rear cylinder, and my face kept moderately warm). The engine is great
for terms of urban commuting and the built in ECU can be modified with a
modified tune which can boost engine output by tons. With the cooling, the
engine can handle more heat, but I wouldn’t know how much until people
start experimenting. The motorcycle has great handling and power with a
very friendly clutch and smooth brakes (It brakes on a dime as well) and
the amount of modification provided by Harley, this would be a great bike
to introduce someone to motorcycling and to get involved with Harley
Davidson. One thing to look out for is the foot pegs, the spacing between
them gives some riders bruised ankles and shins if you don’t spread your
legs apart wide enough and the foot pegs are easy to kick up (there’s an
easy fix maybe on the way). Overall, the bike has good looks, great
performance, and handling to match (I could easily cover 100% of my tread)
It would be a good bike for any beginner or anyone who needs a bike to
drive around in urban environments and being around $6700 for the 500 and
$7500 for the 750, a good start for anyone.

from the comments section on this article: 2014 new Harley Davidson Street 750- 500 – Where I Live – Official | MotorcyclesReviews.com
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