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So I was riding last Friday and slipped on pine straw in my driveway broke clutch lever didn't ride it for bout 5 days but It still turned on after I had the spill but I get new levers in last night install them I go to start the bike nothing tried that for awhile and then the gas light started blinking tried a bump start and everything that light up on my bike started to die after trying to start it including my headlights blinkers and speedo is this cause of the battery or could it be something else ?

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Cheap multi-meter from harbor freight, set meter at 20v. What is the volt reading? Argument numbers read: 12.8-12.7v is ideal static number, no key on.

12.6-12.4v is in need of a charge.

11.1v says a well charged battery is the load test number via the starter motor starting the bike.
12.8v says it has PUSH = volts, so it has reserve to recover back to its static number of 12.8v when the starter stops.
14.4v says the charging system is working. It happens that fast is 12-11-12-14 in that sequence.
12.8v says this is the recovery number when bike is running.
15+v says the voltage regulator is faulty. Cannot dump a volt.+ to ground.

Just by leaving a volt meter on the battery and by watching those numbers, you can pinpoint who is the problem in the charging system of the 3 components used that makeup the charging loop.

Good vs. Bad:
12-11-12-14v = Test good at every component.
12-09-11-14v = No PUSH, (click-click) no recovery is a bad battery.
12-11-12-15+v = Voltage regulator is faulty.
12-11-12-12v = Stator output is burned out.

It's that easy to figure out if it makes any sense.

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If electrical stuff was working and now doesn't, yea, I would start with putting the battery on a charger. If it doesn't hold a charge, then start asking some more questions.
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