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Street 750 engine guard

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Hello Folks

I have booked a new street 750 & yet to take the delivery.

The Engine guard they have in stock is moustache design.

i wish to exchange the moustache design (brand new) with the standard engine guard design.

call me on 9869232522
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Moustache gaurd? Post some pictures of it please.
?? I have the standard, black HD highway bars on mine. I also added the HD windshield and the HD tail passenger seat bag. Can post pics later.
hi Amit,

Can you please share the pic of moustache design Engine guard? Also did you get the same from Dealer..if Yes which one ? And for how much?

Cause many like that design ;)

Hi, sorry dont have a pic right now, but will share soon. yes it will be delivered to me with the bike prolly next week.

Its an original HD guard.
Yup many like that design, however i am will the old standard design.

i wish to exchange my moustache design engine guard (brand new not yet fitted ) with the standard one with some 1
There is no micro he design from HD for street 500/750. We have already launched moustache design 6 months back :

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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