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Has anyone figured out if you can swap out the rims, rear shocks, throttle body and front forks yet? Also the updated speedometer would be nice too!

I was thinking im either going to do the 750a swap or go with a buell front end setup with chain drive rear and better rear shocks to fit the tire. Would be going from
F:100/80R17 R:140/75R15 to F: 120/70 ZR17 R:180/55 ZR17 I think this option would really benefit being able to use much more brands of tires. I talked to my perelli rep at work and he said that they do not plan on making tires for the street because of the cost and lack of ownership so he basically told me if i want to run better tires to change the sizes i currently have lol

I attached the photo of the Ray Price bike from the custom kings competition and this is pretty much what im going to be doing if i go with the buell setup. So far everything looks to be good but i'm not 100% sure on the steering neck length on the buell. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!


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