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At this point (~2.1K miles collectively ridden) I average around 45mpg with a combination of street and city-highway use. Personally I am very satisfied with this given that I live in the close epicenter of my city, where we have a sprawling tourist industry! The absolute worst MPG I have ever gotten is 37mpg, and during the week leading up to my refill we had some major conventions in town for a couple days and the ensuing high volume of traffic which was simply unavoidable.

I have not had a chance to burn a good few gallons out on the open highway but would very much like to soon!

I should also mention that this is all after the fact that my 750 has the SE muffler, corresponding air filter, and "download." Which I personally feel may have actually lowered my average by possibly a few MPG at least. I certainly do not regret getting the muffler though because I literally went from nearly getting sideswiped by drivers in adjacent lanes every other day with my stalk muffler (about a dozen occurences, no joke, it was ridiculous..the muffler was the FIRST upgrade I purchased) to never having an such an occurrence again for almost two whole months now! :D
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