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Street Platform- official Designation Letters ?

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Ok, I've been following the progress on the Street's intro as much as anybody, but does anyone know the Street's official call letters? In India they were calling the new "G-platform", but that is only part of the answer.

I tried searching several times, haven't seen anything official from Harley-Davidson yet. For those who may not understand fully:
Example- Sportster family - XL - XLH-1200, XLCR, XLS, etc.
Super Glide/big twin - FX
Touring (big twin) - FL
V-Rod family - VR
... And so forth, throughout Harley's history...

So the Street family must have a -G- in it, that is all we know. Please post your thoughts or evidence of anything official!
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I have not found any writing mentioning what the platform designation is. Most articles just mention "all new platform" but don't mention what it is. I will keep this thread updated as I find more info.
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I'll go with the one that jumps first, SG-500 SG-750.... or it could simply be G...
Officially coded as XG500, the new model is one of a pair that Harley have developed, with a 750cc version to be built on the same platform, but this larger capacity XG750 is unlikely to be imported, according to Harley-Davidson Australia.
You might be right revolutionx!

Nice google skills!
Yes, rev.-x, good find, I had tried also a few times; found someone on the XL forum had mentioned it with the X-Games. I don't know if the XG prefix was one of the reasons for the ice racers or not, but the marketing of the XG Street / XGames is very clever!
So, does that make this discussion board the G-spot?
ah XG makes sense, especially when you consider that the new Street 500/750 engines have been termed Revolution X in marketing speak...
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