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Street Rod XG750A - fluctuating engine RPM.

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Hello guys!
I have problem with RPM in my moto.
On cold or hot engine it's fluctuating too most. Amplitude is obout 100rpm (from 1250-1350).
Spark plugs are fine, the bike has 3,000km.
I've added Liqui Moly Motorbike Bike-Additive 4T 125ml, but it doesn't helps.

Can someone helps me what can I do more, to fix it?
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Is there possibly a leak in the air intake? In the old days an air leak would lean the mixture causing cylinder head temps to rise and eventually burn valves and pistons. With EFI, the bike tries to compensate by adding extra fuel to balance the mixture. At its worst, this can create a runaway condition. I'm thinking a small gap that opens and closes as the bike vibrates would produce the symptoms you describe.
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