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Street squashes Sportster

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CycleWorld magazine tested the Street 750 and says the Street squashes the 883 Iron Sportster. 2015 Harley-Davidson Street 750- First Ride Review- Photos- Dyno- Specs
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another great share!

This one should actually do some to assauge fears of our Indian friends :D

Yards out of the parking stall, I noticed that the Street 750’s head bearings were over-torqued, which made for some cumbersome low-speed handling. This would have been an easy fix if tools had been on hand, but I point this out purely as a point to consider if you read elsewhere that the Street’s steering felt suspect.
Using our VBox data logger, we measured the Street 750’s acceleration and braking. It’s quick. The Street hits 60 mph in 4.6 seconds, and streaks though the quarter-mile in an impressive 13.69 seconds at 93.8 mph. The Star Bolt, for the record, does the quarter in 13.78 sec. at 93.5 mph, whereas Honda’s NC700X clocks in at 13.86/94.2.
Stopping performance, however, may be a different matter. Hard stops from speed require a full-fisted squeeze at the lever along with maximum use of the rear brake. Feel at the lever becomes increasingly spongy as heat builds in the single-disc setup, which has a twin-piston, pin-slide caliper.

Our brake tests for the new Street produced a stopping distance of 152 feet from 60 mph. The addition of a 125-pound passenger stretched that number to 170 feet. Further adjustment to pad compound is still in the works, says Harley, before delivery to US dealerships begins in June.
I think some new braided lines would go a LONG way... :D
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Yep, thinking the same thing, braided stainless steel brake hoses and Galfer Green brake pads ought to sort the brakes out. I'm sure Performance Machine and others will quickly have big brake kits for the bike.

I noticed the article mentions the engine is mechanically quiet.

"spirited roll-on performance, a muted exhaust, low mechanical noise, and confidence-inspiring handling."

Sounds great, but CW had great things to say about the Street Rod and we see how well that model sold (ha).
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This is what happens when Street steps into the game :D
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great share! makes me glad I have one ordered!
Considering the Star Bolt is a 950, the Street's quarter mile time is pretty good.
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