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That twisted brake pedal !!!

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Hello everyone,

Ever since I took a test-ride, that curved, twisted brake pedal was something I couldn't get my head around. I wonder what the designer was thinking when he made that and what the ergonomic specialist had to say about it. Compared to the regular Street750, this pedal is actually a step back in R&D, I feel.

Been riding my new bike with a variety of boots, and I always need a few minutes to get my right foot into the right position for equal amounts of comfort and quick-braking. It's a little awkward and silly. And then theres the teenie-weenie brake pedal itself. So small it's almost as they don't intend you to use it.

So, has anyone modified that piece of engineering with a regular straight pedal or a thick rubber pad or something ? Does anyone else face ergonomic issues when riding, and braking ?

P.S. : The HD Dealership here is clueless about it. It's a Harley, they say... it will be awkward.




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Nothing available as of yet. I have mine adjusted as low as it will go and it functions fine for me. Even better since installing Oberon foot pegs. I'm honestly waiting for a set of engineered rear sets but I'm not holding my breath. Seems there is not a whole lot of interest in the aftermarket towards the Street Rod or the Street series in general.
I feel about the same with the rear brake pedal. I had installed a set of kuryakyn kinetic grips and decided to go ahead and get a set of matching kinetic foot pegs to match. I do have to say that was one of the best decision I made. The pegs sit just a little higher and have a much larger pad for your foot to sit on. This made it so much easier for me to keep my feet in a good position while being able to reach the rear brake with ease when needed.
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Yep. These guys in India ship world wide but I have changed foot controls to the street. On the rod I press the curve a lot not the pedal.
Street rod pedal extender.
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