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Tire size question

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I have been lurking here for a while, but still could not seem to find an answer for my question. I know for the rear tire that stock size is 140/75r15 and you can go up to 160/80r15 with no mods on stock wheels.

The front is where my question comes from. Stock size is 100/80r17. I know quite a few poeple run 110/80r17. One person ran a 120/90r17 but had to remove the front fender to get it to fit. He did not specify if the fender was the issue or if that wide of a tire was rubbing on the fender mounting bolts. If it was a tall clearance issue, wide clearance issue or both.

My question is: my front tire size that I would like to run is a 110/80r17 or a 120/70r17
Can the 120/70r17 fit with no mods? I don't want to remove the fender. The 110 would be slightly taller so I know it'll fit tall clearance wise. I just don't know if the 120 will fit wide clearance wise.
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So my interpretation of the answer is going a small amount taller in the rear but keeping the same tire width is an optimal change for ground clearance.
As far as front goes, 1 size up is about maximum for safety and avoiding physical modifications.
I think street 500 could benefit from a more round profile tire than the stock. Changing the size like using a wider tire would ill help with looks but you will lose the performance . I have seen a YouTube Vlog in which a mechanic has installed 200 mm wide rear tyre without any mode on a street 500 .
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