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Transparnet Fuel Tank Mod Looks Awesome

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I saw this article on transparent gas tanks, and really like the look.

Apparently one of the drawbacks of the transparent fuel tank is heat build up though. The shape of the tank can act as a lens and concentrate the solar light on the fuel it contains. This can cause excessive fuel vaporization, which could pose a safety issue.

Another issue might be the need to constantly clean the interior of the tank, as petrol will leave the usual sediments and that would simply ruin the look.

Yet another problem could be sunlight having a negative impact on the quality of the fuel.

A benefit though would be not needing to really worry about having a fuel gauge.

What do you guys think? Too much trouble for what its worth, or the coolest mod you can get.
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What do you guys think? Too much trouble for what its worth, or the coolest mod you can get.
My personal taste is I don't want to see the backbone of the bike. But that is just me..... I am going to MOD the Street 750 to a 5 gallon tank and have it airbrushed.

Not for me... but to each what they like!
I would have to say that there is more drawback with this type of gas tank. It might take the bone for being different but if it cause the tank to get hotter and vaporization. Cool but not my cup of tea. I still see the tank as a center piece for the bike, on with the paint.
In the desert where I live and ride I think the concentration of sunlight on a spot might do more than increase vaporization of the gas. Foom!

Ducati's miserable experience with plastic fuel tanks is a cautionary tale one should be aware of. Harley XR-1200s may have similar problems.
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might be cool if it was a frosted glass look, you wouldn't get the same heat concentration on bare fuel...
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