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With all the additional torque with the turbo, have you changed the final drive ratio?

Nope, haven't touched it. I would like to though. Make the gears a little longer. Which a 17" rear wheel will accomplish that. So I'm saving up some cash to get a street rod rear wheel.

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minor upgrades :-D

Well as the company's moto says "if you can dream it, we can build it". We are more than happy to work different designs in for customers requirements.
Hey Ascoatings, do you still produce these turbo kits with one off customs? I am interested in a link to an order if you do.

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@Ascoatings hasn't logged on for a couple of years, so you probably aren't getting a response from resurrecting a five-year-old thread. For some other threads on this topic I have posted a link to what may be the Facebook page of One Off Customs.

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Hey guys been working with One Off Customs on a turbo Idea.
So far we are gathering parts and planning this out.

I will be posting pics and updates as time goes on with an eventual dyno run.

here's is my bike currently.

selected a turbo for the bike

and just received my power commander and exhaust gaskets

still waiting on a few parts before we dig into the bike. (boost gauge, turbo flanges and gaskets, and air filter)


had some sweet flanges show up today

started tearing into it today.

making a custom exhaust is going to be fun.
harleys stock exhaust has a flare on it and made the exhaust guy get a little creative

I like the idea of a Turbo on the 750
I just don't like the pictures you are posting with the HUGE Photobucket logo on it.
it kinda make it difficult to want to even try follow this project if I know I am going to see it in every picture.
lucky for me, there are lots of other places I can look where I will not have that problem.
Brilliant idea, wish I could see how it all come together, but don't think I can come back here and see another picture with Photobucket writen all over it.
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