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US dealer brochure arrived yesterday

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Visited my local dealer yesterday and he mentioned he received a box of brochures that day. He did not have ANY other information, but did say all his techs had been sent to ? to receive service training. He did not have pricing or any other info. He did let me have a brochure though. ;) See below.

Oh, he did say they expect to take delivery in Q2 this year.


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Here is the brochure reposted a bit bigger.

I guess there are going to be three color options in the end. Black, black, and red. I hope we get to see pictures of each color soon.

Thanks for posting this. :D
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Thanks for posting this. First time im seeing MPG's reported, 41 is great.
41!? I don't think that's very good. The dealer himself said that's terrible. He says those huge baggers get that kind of mileage loaded with bags and a fairing and a LOT more weight. He said a little 500 or 750 should be getting lots more mpg than 41.

I would agree, the 883 gets 50+, and the Streets are a lot lighter than those.
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V-Rods get low to mid 30's for mileage, and you can run them down into the 20's if you do any triple digit (mph) running on them. 41 mpg doesn't look half bad if the engine has a character like the V-Rod.
I'm starting to get worried about the Street 500. I mean from the harley site we're looking at 29.5 fr-lbs of twist @ 3500 RPM, which means 19.6 hp at peak torque. So on a 489 lb bike the Street 500 has a P/W at peak of 24 lb/HP...

Going to need a test ride I'm sure. Might have to start considering a jump up to the 750..
if power is a concern look at the 750 at the least.
if power is a concern look at the 750 at the least.
and you still get the same MPG, but as mentioned earlier this could be much better. i just didn't realize how bad it wa
Note that the mileage stated is "combined" versus separate city and highway ratings, so it is more of an average. Therefore if you look at the highway mileage as the upper side, I would venture to guess mid-40s.
But, individual driving habits will affect fuel economy more than anything.
I would be interested to know what the "cruise" RPM is on the Street bikes. I will bet that the Street turns a significantly higher RPM at cruise speed than a Sportster, hence the fuel economy difference.
My last 700cc Honda only got around 42mpg, with 6 speed overdrive. My 1200 Sportster does better than that.
41mpg sounds good, but that tank only holds about 2.5 gallons if that.
Well they may just under estimating the mpg of the bikes. Looking over the brochure it say the tank holds 3.5 gallons. The 500 should get more then just 41 mpg that would be sad if that is all it gets.
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