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USA 750 Questions ?

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Have questions about the USA production Street 750 ?

Motorcycle USA will be test riding one of the first 750's off the Kansas City production line next week in Austin Texas. And they have asked their readers to submit questions that they would like to see answered about the Street 750. They will be publishing a second review after their test ride. (they rode a pre-production model for their first review).

Readers - Submit ??'s About Harley Street 750 - Bryan's Blog - Motorcycle USA
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sorry, I was referring to Indian Street 750. It has 'endurance' written on brake reservoir. I can't comment on US models. Maybe someone can check the 500s.
Here a picture of the rear shock and the brake reservoir.

Definitely Endurance on the Shock

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Would something like that sell in USA. I mean we Indians are used to it and don't care about vendors but there people seem to be more mature and demanding!
Yes I think it will sell. Personally I expect to spend about 4K making it the way I want it. But for the average starter bike or city commuter it is more than adequate.
Since im sort of new to this, what would that 4K you spend be on exactly?
About $2500 of it is because I will put a Sugarbear Springer front end on it.

Brembo brakes front and back, sintered pads.

New fat bars and riser mounts (Which means new grips, mirrors, and control levers)

New Horn and new location for the horn

Highway pegs

Power commander or other tuner until we can map the Harley ECM directly.

Exhaust system

Arnott Rear Shocks or possibly, after I get mine pulled apart, a modification to Arnott Softtail shock system.

Possibly a new radiator shroud

And a seat!:D
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Look at this folks. Everyone is carping that an Endurance fork is a not high enough quality component for a modern Harley Davidson and this guy is going to put a springer fork on his! Geez. The Endurance parts will ride like a magic carpet compared to a springer.
Hah, we all have our own vision...... ever ride a Sugarbear front end? Not what you think, no pogo, no flop... **** neat front end.

That said it is still a rougher ride then a shock.
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