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USA 750 Questions ?

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Have questions about the USA production Street 750 ?

Motorcycle USA will be test riding one of the first 750's off the Kansas City production line next week in Austin Texas. And they have asked their readers to submit questions that they would like to see answered about the Street 750. They will be publishing a second review after their test ride. (they rode a pre-production model for their first review).

Readers - Submit ??'s About Harley Street 750 - Bryan's Blog - Motorcycle USA
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You can specifically ask them about vendor of parts like shocks and brakes and any other.
Nice because these are critical parts and you can check what competition has on offer and prices charged.
Would something like that sell in USA. I mean we Indians are used to it and don't care about vendors but there people seem to be more mature and demanding!
Seriously a Gel Seat would make it a real HOTROD.....!!!! :D
Street is 70% made in India and only thing imported are Tank and Fenders which would be localised soon. Thus I think Gearbox and Piston are no Getrag and Mahle stuff but India sourced. You can check that out with the magazine.

Any replies from those people? No body goes against a Harley in USA, it's forbidden..!!
1 - 5 of 25 Posts
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