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USA 750 Questions ?

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Have questions about the USA production Street 750 ?

Motorcycle USA will be test riding one of the first 750's off the Kansas City production line next week in Austin Texas. And they have asked their readers to submit questions that they would like to see answered about the Street 750. They will be publishing a second review after their test ride. (they rode a pre-production model for their first review).

Readers - Submit ??'s About Harley Street 750 - Bryan's Blog - Motorcycle USA
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Heck, you can read "Endurance" on the shock body of US models. I didn't bother to look that closely at the brake calipers.
Front brake reservoir has endurance written on top of it
I wasn't aware that any USA made 750's have rolled off the line yet. Not that there will be any difference on these parts...but are you guys reporting on what you are seeing on the USA 500's?
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