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Hello all,

I just got a conformation from Vance & Hines, that their Competition Series Slip-on Exhaust has a removable insert (Baffle) that can be removed with out harming your engine, or loosing any low-end torque. As I have read in a million other Forum posts, that removing the baffle from your exhaust can be bad for you engine, and make it loose power at lower RPM's. This slip-on was designed to be ran with or with-out the insert. All depends on how the consumer wants it to sound. Me, I like it loud......

SAOPFER - to remove the Insert (Baffle), there is a single allen head screw (9/64?) on the inside of the exhaust tip, kind of hard to see it. remove this bolt and the insert should come out without any trouble.
Apologies to dig up a old thread hiwever I'm having real trouble removing the insert. I've taken the little hex head screw from the inside but it had no change to the insert it is jammed solid in there. I sprayed wd40 to loosen it up to no avail.

Any help will be highly appreciated
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