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went to my fisrt HOG meeting today

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went to my first HOG meeting today

today, I went to my first ever HOG meeting.

what a fine group of friendly folks.

like I said before how our local dealership's employees make you feel like a family member, well the HOG members certainly do too!

we all took a ride out to a state park where they had rented a pavilion and served cold drinks and firehouse subs sandwiches prior to the meeting!

but the camaraderie , great sense of humor and overall pleasantness of everyone was beyond my expectations.

our dealer regularly has bike nights each week with all types of different events on site, including food and live bands.

glad I finally joined the family.
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I'm looking forward to doing those activities. I work too much (6-7 days a week, 12 hours a day) so I dont have a lot of freetime and am tired a lot. Now that its been aroun 100 F nearly everyday, Im really worn out!
wow, I do understand days, ...actually years like that too !
that schedule will make a sick old man out of ya quick, trust me.

I believe one has to have some "me" time, and just as important "family time" otherwise whats the use working your backside off if you cant enjoy life sometime?

we all have to struggle to make a living, but with some planning and adjustments we can regain some quality time for ourselves and our families!....that's what is most important....trust me on that!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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