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There are several threads going with members posting specific things they've done like adding a windshield, exhaust system changes, swapping out the horn for a Sportster horn. I'm more general in sharing modification information on this thread.

Yesterday I simply removed the tacky "$10" horn. I've ridden motorcycles for about 45 years or so and I've never used a horn once. For me it's really unnecessary equipment on the motorcycle. I may re-install it in the future by creating a new bracket that places it between the radiator and the front cylinder below the exhaust pipe but for now just getting that ugle protrusion off of the left side was worth it.

I've removed the fairing and will be replacing the headlight as soon as I select a new "bullet" style to purchase. The existing headlight is designed to work with the fairing and that's fine but it isn't "correct" without the fairing.

I'm fabricating a new alumimum grill to replace the plastic. It will fit into the plastic grill surround and should look better than what comes stock. Got it laid out yesterday and it should be installed by this afternoon.

Within about two weeks I'll be removing the triple-tree and forks to send to a fork builder in SoCal so he can build a springer front fork for me. The glide fork is obviously a very good fork based upon the stock 32 degree rake but I just like springer and girder forks more. I think the springer fork will look really cool on the stock motorcycle.

While the front forks are removed I'm going to look into replacing the rear fender and seat as well as working on prototyping drag pipes for it.

So much to do, so little time. LOL

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So I know some of our Indian friends will or have already taken posession of their Street 750's. Show us with a pic or two, what have you done already to your Streets?
Give me some time, and I will post details and pictures of mods to my bike which I plan to do. As of now, I a waiting to collect my bike on the 12th of this month.
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