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Hey folks!

So I'm pretty new to the world of wheels, I have found a thread on here that has all the wheel sizes, including maximum size without modifications on here, Basically, I wanna put a 17" on the back to flatten out the bike, I found that the Triumph street twin has a 17"x4.25" rear wheel, which according to the document works fine. I guess the question is, are they universal ? Can I just go ahead and swap in a Triumph wheel with no major modifications, or do different brands do things differently?

Bonus question:
I've found a few people who have put a 19" on the front, a Sportster wheel, or something of the like, some say it can just straight swap without modifications, others say it cannot be done! Does anybody have any definitive input on that without speculation? Would be good to know before spending the money on one. Or convincing Sportster friends to let me try the swap!

Cheers !
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