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I use Wiley X for riding goggles. Have four pairs, it is a disease like owning motorbikes for me.

My pair named Gravity had the temple hinge break during a ride a few weeks back. Time to test the lifetime warranty.

I went to the website and did the $9.00 shipping payment which also gives you the Return Material Number.

Sent them off USPS priority mail.

Got an email when they got to Wiley X.

Took 3 days, got an email they were finished with a track number for USPS priority Mail.

Got them yesterday, not only did they fix them, got a new case and all the fixings with the replacement as well.

Also in my note to them I let them know one of the two pairs of Blinks I have was having a mastic problem around the bridge of the nose on the facial cavity seal.

In the box was a replacement face seal for the Blinks as well.

kudos to Wiley X for a no hassle stand behind your warranty easy transaction!!!!!
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