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How many of you guy have put your bikes in to sotrage and plugged her in?

I went for one last ride the past saturday since the weather was nice for mid november (51F). I saw peolple out in t shirts and covertibles coming back from breakfast. That is when sped home and turned her on.

I stored her yesterday... officially. Doesn't look like we'll be getting any more nice riding weather for a while. :(

I filled her up all the way road her home put in some stabilizer and plugged in the battery tender and threw a cover over.

what do you guys do when storing your bikes?

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I blame the cold roads and tires that don't warm up enough to grip :(
I heard something about solar powered roads in the future that will heat up in the winter to melt snow and have some other cool tech, maybe by then we'll be able to ride in the winter safely and get our feet warmed up when we come to a stop and have to be flat footed :D
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