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Wires from Front Brake Lever

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Anybody have issues with the wiring from your front brake lever coming detached, keeping your rear brake light from illuminating when you squeeze the front brake? I use both brakes so its not a HUGE issue, but I've had to reconnect the wire twice now. It has some sticky adhesive on it, but seems to be a bit flimsy in general. The zip tie attaching the wires to the handle bar keeps it taught and somewhat difficult to reattach as well.

Was wondering if anyone else had the issue and/or a good fix.
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I used shrink tape on all of the connections on the bike. Easy to cut off when needed, cheap, and much better looking than ugly yellow connectors. I kind of want to replace everything with old-school bullet connectors, but I don't want to tear the whole wiring harness out yet.
I removed the zip tie, stretched the wires from the harness a bit, and then re zip tied so there is not so much stress on the wires. I also added heat shrink tubing over those wires, and other wiring on the bike ( 2 connectors near front of gas tank, connector near rear brake pedal), etc. No more exposed wiring.
Appreciate the feedback... will try to re-zip tie and shrink tape.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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