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would you buy the 2015 street 500 for $4k?

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Let me first say sorry for double posting, but I'm trying to make a decision today if I should buy this.

Title says it all. I have a chance to buy a brand new 2015 Street 500 that someone won from a dealer but doesn't ride. Has 15 miles on it. Question is would you buy it for $4k?

This will be my first motorcycle ever and I was looking at a used sportster 883, but this looks like a steal. What do you guys think?
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i work at a dealership and the mark up is only a few hundred dollars if that so yes $4k for a 500 is a great price.i bought a used 750 with v&h intake and exhaust with windscreen and removable rack plus the fuel pack tuner for $7600.00 and I am an employee so ya you wont get into new /used any cheaper, especially since it could be sold for $5500 if you just sat on it and listed it again.
Curious where you work, you may have bought my bike. I did all those mods, have the takeoff parts, etc.
i probably did buy your bike , did you buy it for your daughter? here in the tampa area, i was told the owner traded it in for a sportster and complained about lag and leap ... after i bought it of course.
Yep, that would be me. My daughter bought in new from the Tampa store, and two weeks later found out she was pregnant, so I bought it from her. It has had the lag and leap issue since day one.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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