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XG500 at Melbourne Motorcycle Expo

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For those who were not aware, HD Australia will be displaying the Street 500 at the Melbourne Motorcycle Expo 28-30th November 2014.

I will be flying down there on the Saturday to check it out. Cant wait to finally see it.
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x2 post some pictures of the event if you do plan on taking pictures, would like to see some coverage.
OK , will do!
Seeing the Street 500/750 in person is certainly more impressive than looking at pictures of them.
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as probably every ones knows ...
the motorcycle will be available in Australia and New Zealand by early 2015. An AU$9,995 / NZ$10,995 rideaway price has also been confirmed.
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Do any of our Aussie friends know why the 750 isn't being imported? Does it have something to do with import restrictions based upon engine displacement for motorcycles?
Well i ask the same question to a Marketing guy from HD au.
and they are 2 main reasons :
1. AU have a restriction for learner drivers ( to have a full license take 3 years)
We can only DRIVE UNDER 640 CC bikes, so they were loosing market with Japanese, English and Italians bikes.
the idea was to bring the 500 first to get that market.

2. PRICE: as you maybe imagine Australia is quite expensive, the 500 in America is around US$ 6500 or so in here is around US$ 8500. So the 750 will sit in an awkward place between the 500 and the IRON 830. even though, he told me than they will bring it, eventually.

Ok this is what he told me, so if kind of a gossip ;)
if any one have more accurate information, please feel free to share.
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