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Last fall, before my in-laws went south for the winter, my father in law dropped his 87 Yamaha V535 Virago off for some repairs. NY requires an annual inspection, so I rode it to a garage today for the inspection. What a tiny size bike. Runs good, but not a lot of power. It makes me appreciate the torque of my XL1200.
It made me think about the thread with a review stating the Street 500 lacks power.
The V535 is 407 pounds, 32.65 ci (535cc), and 25 foot-pounds torque.
The Street 500 is 455 pounds, 30 ci (484cc?), and 29.5 foot-pounds torque.
I would guess that performance would be similar when you balance out the weight and torque of each bike.
If you are used to a larger bike, I suspect you would have a hard time adjusting to the smaller engine. It does the job, just not as well as larger displacement.
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